Opensource PDFCreator

A few months ago I was very in to the 'cross-' belief on the web, and you could say I still am. My websites should be cross-browser safe, I have a strong preference towards cross-platform software and anything that is opensource. In short I believe that documents shared throughout the web should be accesible to anyone, wether it is on an Mac, an Unix-system, Windows, ... So I started reading a bit more into the available documention.

In addition to my goal towards designing with webstandards I wanted to create a greater accesibility when it comes to publishing document through the web (Text documents, spreadsheets, etc.). The best conclusion here would be creating PDF documents. But because the Adobe ® software is a bit pricey for a student like me I needed another solution.

Thats when my search for an opensource solution started. And to keep this short, I came across The OOSwin project: Opensourc for Windows. On the site I didn't only find the wonderful PDFCreator but alongside a handfull of various opensource software.

So hereby I recommend to you The OOSwin project.

4 december 2003

English, pdf, Software

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