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Musical Baton

21 mei 2005

This feels very nostalgic. Back in English. The reason I'm writing in English is because a musical baton has been passed on to me by Ryan and since he doesn't understand Dutch (yes Ryan, that is the other language) I think … lees verder ›

Some Quality Time

25 oktober 2004

... for myself. That is what I've been up to lately. So much has happened and I have quite some things to say I'm not sure where to start. I've also done some thinking in relation to this site. You might … lees verder ›


12 september 2004

I've been back now for a couple of days. But ever since I returned I've been swamp with lots of things that had to be done. And still have to be done. High priority for the moment is deciding what … lees verder ›

To the Mont Blanc

31 augustus 2004

I'm off to the Mont Blanc. I'll be leaving tonight. We'll be driving up to the valley in Chamonix where our journey starts. The plan is to reach the top before Sunday (4 days climb). And hopefully we wil be … lees verder ›

The gmail bandwagon

29 augustus 2004

I almost forgot. I'm giving a gmail invite away for my birthday. That is, if there is still somebody out there that doesn't already have one, and wants one. So reply to this entry, be original and it's yours! … lees verder ›

Hiding since 1983

29 augustus 2004

August 29, 1983. Ten past one CET. Ghent, Belgium. Look it's me! Yes it's my birthday today, or so they say. I'm not really a birthday person and if it weren't for this comment I probably wouldn't have brought up the … lees verder ›

Blackout and such

27 augustus 2004

I'm back. Well sort of, I've never really been gone. There were just a few problems that either kept me away from my laptop or just kept me away from my site. This weekend my internet was down till monday. You only … lees verder ›

Working that quality

17 augustus 2004

This was originally written with the previous entry on nonsense as quality. I was sinning against one of my writing secrets (One thing at a time) I share in this post so I decided to follow my own tip and split … lees verder ›

Quality nonsense

17 augustus 2004

Quality content. The most likely answer to: "What makes a good blog?". Oh, ok. Right, quality content, I can do that, can't I? But what is this quality content? What do you expect yourself to write, what do your readers expect, … lees verder ›

Unmatched trailers

10 augustus 2004

A few notes: #1 | My site has been submitted to unmatched <style> with some very kind words: Intense "eye pleasure." All the colors blend togethor wonderfully [...] it screams "look at me." And it's damn sexy. #2 | I … lees verder ›

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