Exploring the limits

My blog is barley a month old, and already I am experiencing limitations of my sites design as I play with the thoughts of new features and improvements. Specially the sidebar which I don't want to overload with content and links. For the past month not a day has gone by that I didn't tweak my layout. And I'm still not fully convinced.

And of course there are also my own limits. Very typical for me is, whenever I discover something new that enthausiasts me my mind bursts with ideas. And off course I would like to work out these ideas and maybe accomplish somemthing. For once I managed to create a site that fairly pleases me. This weblog.

Surfing the web the last few days and remembering some older thoughts I'm starting to realize this is only the beginning. Already I have an idea for starting a new weblog on a certain subject wich I will reveal in time. I can however say it will be for the dutch readers among us.

But besides the new projet I would also like to improve this weblog implement new features. So many ideas. I think I should start carrying a little notebook in my back pocket. Anyway here are some of these thoughts.

#1 | I still have an older weblog running, sLog. It never really started off good, and honestly I forgot why I ever started it. Probably to learn and write my own PHP blogging tool. Maybe I should stick with the latter and continue developement and dedicate the 'weblog' to that.

#2 | As I am becomming more interested in photography, I would like to dedicate more time to it aswell. So expect photographs on a more daily basis. I'm not sure yet how it will be done. But I like the idea of a sites such as Ten Years f My Life and heather champ.

#3 | And finally there some improvements and small additions I would like to make. Such as a better layout for my archives/-page with a site search. More dynamic content selection, i.e. Random entries in the sidebar. My error pages need fixing - and for starters translations. And maybe put up a wishlist.

3 januari 2004

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