Now I’m asking you!

Keith - asteriks* - opened an interesting discussion on opinions in webdesign. He states that in (professional) communities mostly the positive aspects of a design are stated. Is this a good thing? Considering that these opinions mostly come from none professionals or people that aren't involved with webdesign.

Scrivs - Whitespace - adds to this that there are three sorts of people:

The ones who love it throw their praise out for it. Those who could care less simply say nothing. Those who hate it, either say nothing or simply tell the person that "their site sucks."

If it really comes to these 'types' I think I would catogarize myself as Those who care less.. Even when it comes to my own designs, well sometimes. The fact is that on most communities I visist the submitted sites are first-timers. So I'm simply not interested. I'm am prejudged in thinking 'this site wil suck'. No, I'm not that evil.

I always have a look at the site, and then I decide wether to comment or not. Mostly I don't. Simply because the site owners are not open for criticism. All they want to hear ar praises for their site. But whenever I see that someone has potential - at least in my opinion - I fire away. I try to be as helpfull as I can. But this doesn't happen to often.

Reading these articles got me thinking. Maybe it's time to change that attitude. I know I am not a genious when it comes to webdesign. Maybe a little when it comes to coding. I should respond more to cries of help and share the little knowledge I have. Well at least I'll be giving it a try.

And because I'm, after tweaking a lot on my site, becoming more satisfied of my design. I turn to you, my readers and users of this site. What, in your opinion is totally off, what could be perfected and what is just right. Tell me, for it is now that I am asking you!

8 januari 2004

Design, English,, Web

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