Ski Champagny: the story.


I'm back! I arrived late this afternoon, after a 10 hour drive. I had a wonderfull trip!

We went to la Plagne. And allthough we've been there before, I didn't really know what to expect. Normally we would stay in the center of la Plagne. But, being a bit late with reservations, our hotel was on the other side of the mountain in Champagny en Vienoise. It was all worries for nothing.

The services were great, the snow was great and the weather was superb! What more can you desire. The sun never stoped shining throughout the week and despite the warmth the snow and slopes remainded of great qualitie.

My new board is very slick aswell.

I'm still a bit enthousiatic. Too bad the week flew by in such a rush. I hope to have another oppertunity in a couple of weeks for a long weekend. Who knows!

If your looking forward to seeing some pictures, you'll have to hold the thought for a while. I'm still deciding wich pictures to share with you. There are a little over 200 so it could take a while.

7 februari 2004

Ego, English, Reizen, snowboarden, vakantie

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