Some new cd’s

Stroling in the city today, I passed by a small recordshop. It had been a while since I bought my last cd - Skin/ Fleshwounds - so I decided to have a look at todays offers. I ended up leaving the store with a total of 3 cd's.

One of the cd's is from The Counting Crows - who I believe don't need an introduction - with Films About Ghosts. It's a nice best of cd with polpular songs suchs as Mr. Jones, Round Here, Big Yellow Taxi, and more. Always been a fan.

Sigur Ros - ().jpg

The second of the cd's is from an Iceland band called Sigur RÔø?s (Victory Rose). Theire music came highly recommended by a close friend of mine. Ended of buying Agaetis Byrjun (Good Start) a few months ago. I was literally blown away after a first listen. Their songs have such a strong and emotional power in them and a very dream-like atmosphere. Wonderfull. So today I bought my second Sigur RÔø?s album - (), enjoying their power once again while writing this entrie.

The remaining cd is from a Belgian singer-songwriter sioen. With his dÔø?but see you naked he and his piano are of for a great start!

2 december 2003


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