Up and running

I was in bad urge of a weblog and now that I have one I don't know what to say. Half of what I intended on saying has slipped my mind and I don't Know where to start of with the rest.

I've been working on this site for quit a time now, perhaps a bit too long, did I mention I am lazy? At first I wanted to write my own blog software, and it started of pretty well with my sLog (a dutch weblog). Of course there is still a lot of work, I hope on getting there say, around 2006... I decided I needed something else.

I had my eye on MovableType for quit some time now, but never having the chance to test it out. At first I had some little technical dificuties intalling it, but regardless of that it installed pretty smoothly. Now I must agree along with what others have been agreeing on for a while: 'MovableType is the way'.

So now that my weblog is up and running I can start working on the finishing touches, what will probably never end. De first thing that has to be done is finish of the translation of the previous website to English. Second will be the domain change, this domain will remain working, but under the motto 'A new start with a fresh name' the domain will be altered somewhere this week. Beside these major changes the menu will get some upgrades so don't expect too much.

Hey, not bad for a first entry, if I may say so myself. I did forget to mention my photography. Some might be interested in the pictures. That raps it up, at least I think it does. Enjoy your stay and see you soon.

1 december 2003


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