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When I first discovered the world of blogging, it seemed that all good reads were from the US, Canada or the UK. Off course I discoverd other foreign blogs. But none seemed to be from Belgium. Or written in Dutch for the matter.

I can't remember when I first encountered a Dutch weblog, but eversince I've been discovering new ones. After all it isn't that hard anymore after finding your first, concidering they link to others and so on.

It also seems like Belgian bloggers are finding me. A quick look at my referer list shows me that, from time to time, someone comes through via another blog.

Anyway, I just wanted to list some nice Belgian blogs.

  • Karma Univers very extensive weblog with lots of information. dutch
  • /usr/ben Opensource, linux, ... english
  • Veerle's blog Very nice blog. I'm not sure if she is from Belgium, couldn't find an 'about page'. It's a guess based on the content. english
  • Rigoureus A personal weblog with great social opinions and discussions. dutch
  • alog.be A personal weblog. dutch
  • Van den Branden Stijn Nice photography weblog. dutch
  • Marcel van Eeden tekenlog This one is actually from the Netherlands, but I love his drawings.

29 januari 2004

Bloggen, English

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