Belgian final Australian Open

I don't know if your a tennis fan but I sure am. Used to play tennis myself but for some reason I gave it up. Probably got tired of loosing all the time. :p

So, as a fan, you know that the Australian Open is running. Today the womens semi-finals have been played. And guess what, the Belgian girls beat theirselfs to a grand slam final once again.

Justine Hennin-Hardenne played a clean game beating Fabiola Zuluaga with 6-2/6-2. Kim Clijster had a bit of a rougher game, but nonetheless won from Patty Schnyder with a tiebreak with a final score of 6-2/7(7)-6(2).

As a fan of Justine I wish her all of luck with the finals. Allthough it would be nice for Kim to win her first grand slam. Good luck girls!

29 januari 2004

English, sport, tennis, Vrije Tijd

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