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So, it's been 2 - 3 days since I installed a linux distribution on my pc. What's been going on since then?

The installation of Fedora went very smooth. Smoother than expected. You hear all these wild stories about how difficult it is to install a linux distribution. How you have to compile your kernel and programs. And it my be true, but not for Fedora. I'd say it was as easy as installing windows, allthough a little more knowledge is aquired.

But, problems were yet to come. Not that everything went wrong, just nothing I wanted to use was working. I could't find my music, wich is on another partition, internet wasn't working, dvd support didn't seem right, etc. Good thing there were some great classic games installed and working.

So first things first. I wanted my music!!! It took me a couple of hours searching the web, trying to understand how linux' filesystem is built and how the terminal works. Eventually I got my music partition mounted. There it was, all my music. Sigh.

So let's see what the standard music player XMMS can do for me. Oh this is nice, samen interface as Winamp. Import dir. What no mp3 support?! Back to the net. Another hour searching for a fix. Got it working though, didn't I!

Now for internet. Took me almost a day to realize I forgot to check a setting in the network configuration. Very frustrating.

I've got the main things running now though. Music, internet, newsgroups, messenger. But there is still a lot of work. There seems to be something wrong with my compiler, giving me a pretty hard time to install new programs. And I would like to get the network with my laptop back up and running (filesharing and internet sharing).

28 januari 2004

English, linux, Software

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