Thought management

Yesterday I talked about my spark. How I found new energy for this site and more. I also said I was going to write down what came to mind and try and organize my thoughts.

Much writing hasn't been done yet though, I started, obviously, with this site, but along the way got lost in my thoughts. I now have, more or less, sketched out some of the greater lines. But I know I'm missing a lot of ideas that have come to mind the past weeks.


Thought management software?

What I need is something to manage my thoughts. I've looked in to some of the project management software, but it has too many features for me. Allthough these ideas of mine could be considered projectsbut then without clients, scheduals and deadlines.

I'm looking for a very simple (open source) software package that allows me to create a sort of to-do list per project/categorie. This to-do list could be a short features list, with for each feature a thorough description. It would also be nice if I could draft out the beginnings of posts and post ideas that I can then access from everywhere. Later I then only have to copy-paste the lot to the blog and publish it. A very important feature to this software is offcourse that only I can access the content.

Some of you might be thinking wiki by now, and it is a possibility, I think. I'm not really familliar with this kind of software though. So if anybody knows a good package let me know.

What can we expect?

For those who thought they would get a list of upcoming novelties, here ar some tips:

  • bringing back old features
  • how is it done?
  • part 2
  • library
  • better focus
  • food
  • redesigns
  • dutch

22 juli 2004

Ego, English

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