Musical Baton

This feels very nostalgic. Back in English. The reason I'm writing in English is because a musical baton has been passed on to me by Ryan and since he doesn't understand Dutch (yes Ryan, that is the other language) I think he would appreciate to understand this post. I must say I'm fairly surprised. I never expected to still receive mail from English readers, but hey, it feels nice to remember (or to be kept in the RSS reader). I wonder if there are anymore English readers still sticking around hoping that someday I might return to English. Anyway, here goes the new baton, a few months back I did a similar post in Dutch. Pardon my spelling, I'm a bit rusty.


Total volume of music on my computer

2450 songs, that's up and about 9 GB. Not a lot has changed there. I recently did a big cleanup a deleted a couple of douzen songs, but I added al my new CD's as well so I guess it balanced out. Too much for my iPod mini, bummer.

Last CD I purchased

What do you know, I bought two new cd's today; Eels - Shootenanny and a Best Of cd of Janis Joplin (don't you just love her voice!) A little over a month ago I bought the soundtrack of 2046 (Ijust can't get enough of this one) and Blow.

Playing right now

Nothing, can you beleive that!? The new Janis Joplin cd just stoped while I started typing. Bad timing.

Part I: Five songs that mean a lot to me.

These three I just love, great, timeless songs.

  • Eels - Rock Hard Times
  • Radiohead - Creep
  • Pearl Jam - Man of the hour

But since this isn't really new: some of my favourite artists (besides the ones already mentioned above): Grandaddy, Sigur Ros, Moby, Billie Holiday, ... this is way too hard.

Five people to whom I am passing the musical baton

I think I've seen this baton show up in every blog I read in the past week. If you feel left out please do take over. Otherwise it ends here. Somebody managed to pop up, so hereby I pass the baton on to coolz0r.

21 mei 2005

Ego, English, Vrije Tijd

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