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A year photography

27 juli 2004

So it's been a year ago I bought my Nikon Coolpix 4300. I already put up my very first picture with the camera. And well, you can also read there that this somehow triggered my interest in photography. I just took the … lees verder ›

Picasa: a review

25 juli 2004

For along time no I've been searching a decent - and free - software package to help me manage the photographs on my harddrive. I wasn't asking for much, just an intuitive design with a overview of my albums and an … lees verder ›

Thought management

22 juli 2004

Yesterday I talked about my spark. How I found new energy for this site and more. I also said I was going to write down what came to mind and try and organize my thoughts. Much writing hasn't been done yet … lees verder ›


21 juli 2004

Whenever I've stopped writing for a while I always have a hell of a struggle with myself to find the spark to write something new. The past few weeks were like this. Today I found my spark. I often read good … lees verder ›

100 Top Grossing Movies

7 juli 2004

I know, I know. It's been a while, it's just that I'm pretty busy these days, running around doing odd jobs. And it doesn't look like it will get any better. Allthough, I do have the time to write up this … lees verder ›

That was quick

24 juni 2004

Google is really throwing around with Gmail invites. I thought you actually had to use your account before you would get some invites. All I did was send a mail to myself, forward a few mails to my gmail account and … lees verder ›

MySQL AND/OR grouping

23 juni 2004

In the process of switching my sites output from static pages generated by MovableType to dynamic pages using PHP I've written myself one of the steps was to change de feeds. These are now parsed by php. Yesterday I discovered a bug … lees verder ›

Alaska, Talkeetna, Denali

22 juni 2004

A month ago my father returned from quite a unique journey. Along with a friend, he went to Denali National Park in Alaska to reach the peak of Mt McKinley. With its 6194m (20 320 feet) the highest peak of North … lees verder ›

Bad Gmail

19 juni 2004

Two days ago I was invited to register for a Gmail account. Again trailing the bandwagon. I had come accross several opportunities to win one by sending in my favorite photo or by telling a nice story. But I never really … lees verder ›

A year on the web

13 juni 2004

About a year ago I wanted myself to count on the web, to give myself my own place to express myself. So I signed up for my first domain name and web hosting account. Three days later I was ready to … lees verder ›

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