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Ski Champagny: the pictures.

8 februari 2004

Some pictures as promised. I added my favourites to the gallery, the thumbnails in this entry are clickable. And specially for you some extra photo's in this entry. Update: I split up this entry, continue reading for more photographs. <!--more--> … lees verder ›

Ski Champagny: the story.

7 februari 2004

I'm back! I arrived late this afternoon, after a 10 hour drive. I had a wonderfull trip! We went to la Plagne. And allthough we've been there before, I didn't really know what to expect. Normally we would stay in the center … lees verder ›

Off for the week

30 januari 2004

Just returned from a great night out. Had some real fun back in my trusted bar after these weeks of hard studying. Now it's time to clean up my room, do the dishes and head back home. In a couple of hours … lees verder ›

Dutch Blogging

29 januari 2004

When I first discovered the world of blogging, it seemed that all good reads were from the US, Canada or the UK. Off course I discoverd other foreign blogs. But none seemed to be from Belgium. Or written in Dutch for … lees verder ›

Belgian final Australian Open

29 januari 2004

I don't know if your a tennis fan but I sure am. Used to play tennis myself but for some reason I gave it up. Probably got tired of loosing all the time. :p So, as a fan, you know that the … lees verder ›

Linux chronicles

28 januari 2004

So, it's been 2 - 3 days since I installed a linux distribution on my pc. What's been going on since then? The installation of Fedora went very smooth. Smoother than expected. You hear all these wild stories about how difficult it … lees verder ›

Jigsaw Circus

27 januari 2004

[dutch] Van 11 tot 18 februari vindt de eerste editie van jigsaw circus: international music video festival plaats in Brussel (UGC De BrouckÔø?re, de beursschouwburg), Antwerpen (Cartoon's, UGC Antwerpen) en Gent (Sphinx, film-plateau, Vooruit, Culture Club). Dit festival wil de groeiende videocultuur … lees verder ›

100 things about me

27 januari 2004

Saw this over at Neil's World. It's a list with 100 items. The ones that apply to yourself you put in bold. So here is my list. Enjoy! <!--more--> When I was younger I made some bad decisions I don't watch much TV … lees verder ›

Going Linux

26 januari 2004

I've always wanted to try out linux, but for some reason I never really got to it. A few weeks ago I decided to go linux! First problem was choosing a distribution. I had absolutly no idea what possibilities there were what … lees verder ›

Free time overflow

26 januari 2004

I'm just back from my last exam!! The official exam period is still till the end of the month, saturday I beleiv. But since today was my last exman I have the rest of the week off. Giving me plenty of … lees verder ›

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