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Now I’m asking you!

8 januari 2004

Keith - asteriks* - opened an interesting discussion on opinions in webdesign. He states that in (professional) communities mostly the positive aspects of a design are stated. Is this a good thing? Considering that these opinions mostly come from none professionals … lees verder ›


7 januari 2004

It happens often I would like to share interesting pages on the web. However, I never really knew who to spread the word and who to share it with. At least up till know. As of today I will be able … lees verder ›

Exploring the limits

3 januari 2004

My blog is barley a month old, and already I am experiencing limitations of my sites design as I play with the thoughts of new features and improvements. Specially the sidebar which I don't want to overload with content and links. … lees verder ›

The time has come…

1 januari 2004

Actually I'm not the kind of guy that celebrates the beginning of a new year. I hardly even celebrate my own birthday. But this year it was different. I ended the year having a good time with friends. Started off with … lees verder ›

QuickTip: align="center"

31 december 2003

Lately the same question keeps rising on several web communities: how can I center my page using valid XHTML and CSS? I can't use the <center> tag nor the align attribute, because both will give an error when validating. To easliy answer … lees verder ›

Merry Christmas

25 december 2003

Haven't got much time so a merry Christmas to all!! … lees verder ›

SiteTip: musicplasma

24 december 2003

As a great fan off music I am always in search of new music. Throughout the last years I have discoverd lots of new artists. But there was always the trouble off finding new music that connects with my favourite artists. … lees verder ›

CSS T-Shirts

23 december 2003

I'm not a great fan of plainly linking, but this you must see! Lars Holst created T-shirts using nothing but CSS! … lees verder ›

Some notes

20 december 2003

1. Made some overall changes such as a more dynamic menu. The menu wil now adjust acoording to your position on the site. Also made some minor layout changes. 2. Added 4 new photographs. African dudes. Taken at home. Icey pond with a lost … lees verder ›

Proximus Diamond Tennis Night 2003

20 december 2003

Thursday (18/12/2003) I went to the Proximus Diamond Tennis Night 2003 at Forest National. It was a wonderfull honour to Justine Henin-Hardenne, not only Belgium's number one, but the worlds number one in women's single tennis. The night started off with … lees verder ›

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