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New domain

5 december 2003

The new domain name has finally come through! From now on this site will be known as The former domain name still exists and is still connected to this site for another few months. Wich should give you the … lees verder ›

Opensource PDFCreator

4 december 2003

A few months ago I was very in to the 'cross-' belief on the web, and you could say I still am. My websites should be cross-browser safe, I have a strong preference towards cross-platform software and anything that is opensource. … lees verder ›

Rediscovering Strasburg

3 december 2003

When browsing through my picture files I rediscoverd a map full of pictures taking in Strasburg this summer (August 2003). I was there for the weekend with my father, like a 'boys day' out. It was during that weekend that I … lees verder ›

Some new cd’s

2 december 2003

Stroling in the city today, I passed by a small recordshop. It had been a while since I bought my last cd - Skin/ Fleshwounds - so I decided to have a look at todays offers. I ended up leaving the … lees verder ›

Up and running

1 december 2003

I was in bad urge of a weblog and now that I have one I don't know what to say. Half of what I intended on saying has slipped my mind and I don't Know where to start of with the … lees verder ›

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