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Verslag van een jeugdloze avond

19 december 2003

Met spijt in het hart moet ik meedelen dat er geen verkleden waren op de Jeugdhelden Avond. Dit betekent dan ook dat ik geen foto's heb voor jullie. Ik heb echter wel nog foto's van een ander evenement waarover later meer. … lees verder ›

Jeugdhelden Avond

17 december 2003

Vanavond is er weer eens een thema-avond in het Politika Kaffee - Jeugdhelden avond. Het laatste van het jaar, van dit semester. Hierna is er vakantie en blok, om vervolgens examens af te leggen in januarie. Maar goed, vanavond is het … lees verder ›

Got me a Santa…

15 december 2003

The last time I went snowboarding someone misstook my board for his. Fact is, my board was gone and I was very unhappy about it. My parents promised me at the time to partially pay me a new one for Christmas. … lees verder ›

Introducing CSS: CSS & tables.

14 december 2003

In the previous entrie on Intorducing CSS I gave you some reasons to why you might be interested in CSS. We also had a look into some CSS basics. Today we will have a look a CSS tabless design and compare … lees verder ›

Styling up for Christmas

12 december 2003

The quick tip in the new Sitepoint tech times I received yesterday suggested to Put my CSS at work this Christmas. It's fairly simple actually, pick an area with a flat coloured background, create a seasonal variation in your image editor … lees verder ›

Definition of sken

11 december 2003

Whenever someone reaches my site through a search engine I take a look at the terms used to find me. This afternoon someone found me through google searching for sken (obviously). When browsing through the other results the title Definition … lees verder ›

Valid code and flash

10 december 2003

While following a discussion concerning writing valid code and implementing flash, an interesting article was brought to my attention. Flash Satay: Embedding Flash While Supporting Standards. Although I don't use flash, I thought it might be usefull for someone out there. … lees verder ›

Introducing CSS: Why use CSS?

10 december 2003

About a year ago when I started rediscovering the web and webdesign, I was very reluctant towards using CSS, mainly because I didn't exactly know what it was or what I can do with it. Today I see the same scene … lees verder ›

The sequals are coming!

6 december 2003

As I was browsing through the IMDb I noticed a lot of sequals have been announced. A little list with some examples: Shrek 2 Ocean's Twelve Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Indiana Jones 4 Mad Max: Fury Road Jurassic Park IV Dirty dancing: Havana Nights As genrally accepted … lees verder ›

Mystery Meat

5 december 2003

Recently reading a comment on a sitecheck thread at the Telenet Breedband Forums a users metioned Mystery Meat. This struck me as an odd webdesignterm and I had trouble putting it in the right context. Luckely Google exists! Apparently the term was … lees verder ›

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