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My first print job

24 januari 2004

A few months ago I made a design for a poster for a party of my student organisation. The reason I did it was mainly to learn something and have some fun. When I finished the design I showed it to … lees verder ›

Full Posts RSS feed

21 januari 2004

I never realized that my RSS feed only showed exerpts of my posts until sometime last week. I can imaginge some prefer their favourite news reader instead of heading over to the site. So I added an RSS feed giving the … lees verder ›

The Movable Type war on spam.

20 januari 2004

Recetly an updated version of Movable Type was released. The main feature upgrade was one declaring war on comment spam. Instead of writing the original URL a proxy is created that redirects you to the commenters site. Shortly after that another upgrade … lees verder ›

Great movies deserve great websites

17 januari 2004

Don't you agree? Here are some examples of how it can be done. If you've already seen them, well, they are worth a second visit. donnie darko Insomnia memento Requiem for a dream I'm sure we're missing out on some others, so help us out here. … lees verder ›

Man on the Moon

17 januari 2004

I've always wanted to see the movie Man on the Moon, yesterday I had the chance to do this. I must say I was a bit thrown by the story. I never really knew who Andy Kaufman was before I saw the … lees verder ›

The World Votes

16 januari 2004

I hate it when I don't know how to start an entrie that I want to get out quickly, this is one of those entries. So I'll let someone else do the talking. In November 2004, U.S. citizens will elect their new … lees verder ›

Boigrin Spinner

14 januari 2004

Ever wondered what your name would be if you were a Hobbit? Go over to the Middle-earth name translator. And have a little laugh. For those who do not know what a Hobbit is, go and see Lord of the Rings! Update: … lees verder ›


14 januari 2004

At Whitespace external links in an entrie can be recognized by a little graphic added at the end of the text link. A little arrow pointing out of the site - at least that is the impression I get. When I … lees verder ›

Lightning Struck!

10 januari 2004

Last night lightning struck. Not that I had some great idea. No, I mean litteraly lightning struck. A little storm passed by yesterday. I didn't really see the lightning but I did see my computer screen go out for a second, well … lees verder ›

Blogdom Plagiarism

9 januari 2004

Everybody knows that when it comes to copyrights on the web, there are always fools who make a mockery out of it. Blatently copying someones work is done on an everyday basis. What can we do about it? Well not much, … lees verder ›

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