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21 maart 2004

Updated 29/07/2004 Some of you might have already noticed the row of five images in the header. These are my five latest post at I've worked out the script to display them on my own site last night. Took me a … lees verder ›

Oh the irony

19 maart 2004

The past few days I received my first spam comments. I only noticed it till now, because I didn't check for a few days. There were a total of six spam comments trying to convince us to buy different sorts of pills. … lees verder ›

Shampoo Planet

8 maart 2004

Yesterday I finished reading Shampoo Planet by David Coupland. The story is a six-month chronicle of Tyler Johnson's life. Tyler himself is an ambitious young man hoping to once work in worlds great corporations. A so called yuppie. And then there … lees verder ›


7 maart 2004

Since a few weeks now, I've been thinking of starting a photoblog of some sort. I love the idea of Ten years of my life and Heather champ. A photo a day. Only problem is that I really wasn't in the mood … lees verder ›

I present to you…

3 maart 2004

... Politika 2003 - 2004 … lees verder ›


3 maart 2004

I've been meaning to have a look at the The 2004 Bloggies nominees for quite a while now. But I never seemed to have the courage nor the time to take the challenge. Today however looks like a good day. I did … lees verder ›

Leuven by night

23 februari 2004

As of this weeks issue of Veto I am a photographer. Veto is the student newspaper in Leuven, more or less connected to the university. Everybody writing or photographing for Veto, does this voluntary. My first 'assignement' was "Leuven by night". A … lees verder ›


23 februari 2004

A few days ago I posted that I found a hotnote at my car. Well aparently I was part of an exhibition. Veto - the student newspaper of Leuven - published an interview with the creator - Pieterjan Ginckels - today. What … lees verder ›

I took a photograph

18 februari 2004

This morning, when I went to check up on my car parked in a nearby street, I could see from a distance there was a note of some sort on my window. First reaction: "Oh no, not another parking ticket!". But to … lees verder ›

This page intentionally left blank

11 februari 2004

Some might know that before I had this domain, my official domain was That was a little over two months ago. Now practically everything that once was iceco is now sken. The past few months I still had linking … lees verder ›

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