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Does your family read your blog?

10 juni 2004

Yesterday I was reading this mÔø?me over at Neil's World. Question 16 made me chuckle a bit. Does your family read your blog? Do they? I think they don't dare not to read my site. The way my mom is pushing everyone … lees verder ›

The Columbine Song

8 juni 2004

About a year ago I saw Bowlong for Columbine for the first time. It really got me thinking about almost every social problem. I can't wait for Fahrenheit 9/11 to hit the theatres here in Belgium. Now before you start preparing your … lees verder ›

Text-messaging contest.

5 juni 2004

It has always been very popular for magazines and TV shows to give away all sorts of products, ranging from a beauty kit too CD's too a full week out on international waters. All you had to do was make a … lees verder ›

Feed changes

3 juni 2004

Because of the new structure of this site, now containing a blog, a photoblog and a sideblog, I thought it would be a good idea to reorganize de syndication feeds. (If you don't know what syndication means, check out this article.) … lees verder ›

Tell me who I am

26 mei 2004

I found a Magical Name Acronym Generator. Just type in your name and see what it has to say about you. When I am sken I am: Sensitive Kinky Exquisite Natural When I am Stijn I am: Shaggy Technological Inspirational Juicy New Now you go! Name / Username: Name Acronym Generator by … lees verder ›

In development

24 mei 2004

From now on my site is in development. I wanted to throug everything offline and start over, but with all the archive it didn't seem like a good idea. So I just started rebuilding on a subdomain working my way to … lees verder ›

Picture of the day

21 mei 2004

Yestarday I received the award of "Picture of the day" at with following picture: The original entry. … lees verder ›


18 mei 2004

A few moths ago I wrote - with the release of a new MovableType version - about the MovableType war on spam. The main new feature was that URL's in comments would go through a redirect script preventing spam URL's getting … lees verder ›

beautiful day

10 mei 2004

It's a beautiful day today, sun is shining. So I decided to take my books and go to the park! I'll see you around. :) … lees verder ›

Change is good

8 mei 2004

... or not? You surely noticed that updating this site is something I do sporadic, when I think I have something interesting to say. The enthusiasm with wich I started this blog is slowly parting. And interests have shifted a bit towards … lees verder ›

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