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20 april 2004

I recently posted about my blogroll on the frontpage not being up to date. Well I fixed that. And from now on it should remain up to date, that is if the site has a news feed. I mentioned I am using … lees verder ›

Blogs I read

18 april 2004

A few days ago I read something on blogrolls, and how it is interesting to know who is reading what. As most of you probably already noticed I have a long list of sites I visit often (only on the homepage). … lees verder ›

18 questions

17 april 2004

I'm not really a mÔø?me person, but there are always exeptions. And well I'm working on a mÔø?me section to add to the 'about me' page. So I decided to go along with this community mÔø?me created by Neil and his … lees verder ›

Page 23

17 april 2004

There seems to be a trend among certain bloggers, to: grab the nearest book go to page 23 wright down the fith sentence. I've counted about a dozen bloggers up till now. One exeption. Kitta tells me to: Grab the nearest book. Open the book to page 18. Find … lees verder ›

From static to dynamic pages: the externals.

15 april 2004

I'm a great fan of MovableType, don't get me wrong. It's just that, I could save a lot of webspace by using a weblog tool that generate dynamic pages instead of static pages. Therefore I've been having a look at Worpress. … lees verder ›

Futureproofing the photogallery

14 april 2004

Some might have noticed that the photography section has moved. No worries, everything is taken care of, and old url's should bring you to the new ones. The reason I have done this, has to do with the much talked about … lees verder ›

Pictures, pictures, pictures

12 april 2004

The past few months I've been pretty busy with taking pitures. I'm not sure how much, but at least a couple of hounderd. I've been posting most of them on my photoblog. Today I took the time to post a very slim … lees verder ›


30 maart 2004

Amused myself with making some self-portraits today. Here are some impressions. … lees verder ›

Raking up old stories: Orkut

29 maart 2004

It's been a while since I've heard anything about the social network Orkut. More than a month ago most of the blogging community was talking about this new network, affiliated with Goolge. Everybody wanted in. There was only one problem: you … lees verder ›

Aquaplastic 2004

27 maart 2004

2.2 million people in developing countries die each year from diseases associated with lack of access to safe water and sanitation. - Aquaplastics 2004 The quote above shoud be enough to get you clicking through to the Aquaplastics 2004 website But I'll give … lees verder ›

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